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Awakening Recap

We're still not over AWAKENING! We thoroughly enjoy the moments when our hard work comes to fruition and beautiful music is made.

During this season of thankfulness, we are also thinking of all those who have generously donated through out the year and to all those who have attended our concerts. Your support is greatly appreciated! Each dollar is carefully and thoughtfully used to support musicians and the collaborative creation of the highest caliber choral music. We are truly passionate about what we do and we know you are too.

AWAKENING was a carefully crafted concert. As our program note said,

"awakening conjures up an image of rousing from sleep. It also signifies a revival of interest in, or attention to, what has been neglected.

Awakening is the common thread that unites the musical selections for our fall concert. The emotions with the renewal of hearts, minds, and spirits are universal and worth exploring. The Beatitudes and Ave Maris Stella explore universal truths, humility, and profound joy. Schicksalslied, a musical interpretation of destiny, follows. The vibrant energy of love (Chantez) is followed by What Sweeter Music, a ravishing hymn that calls attention to the gifts that we bring. We begin our second half with Jubilate Deo, a song of effusive praise from the Renaissance. This is followed by a musical narrative of Leonardo Da Vinci's dream of flight. We end our concert with a call to "true simplicity" and an energetic farewell.

We extend our invitation to you to engage in reflecting on moments of awakening in your life. We hope that the music we share will move you on your path of exploration toward AWAKENING."

We featured:

The Beatitudes, Arvo Pärt

Ave Maris Stella, Guillaume Dufay

Schicksalslied, Johannes Brahms

Chantez, Jules Massenet

What Sweeter Music, John Rutter

Jubilate Deo, Giovanni Gabrieli

Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, Eric Whitacre

The Gift to Be Simple, Joseph Brackett

Rytmus, Ivan Hrušovský

These pieces spanned centuries and languages and we are thrilled at the outcome. Mark your calendar for our next concerts, March 14 & 15!

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