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Radiance Recap

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

We had a wonderful first concert of the season and from the feedback we have received, we know you enjoyed it too!

Bellingham Chamber Chorale
Image Courtesy: Perry Stanfield

"It was an absolutely wonderful performance - far beyond our expectations... It is obvious that you have many highly talented and dedicated members!"

"It was a truly beautiful concert. The orchestra and dancers added another dimension to the experience. What a wonderful addition to our musical community."

"What I loved most was the beautiful singing -- the quality of the voices and how well everyone performed together.  The instrumental accompaniment was exceptional!  The new artistic director was intriguing to watch, with his energy, sharp and contemporary appearance, and very graceful manner." "I love this group's work and am thankful for their study and sharing of beautiful music. Truly this is an important contribution to our community's culture and enjoyment!"

Bellingham Chamber Chorale
Image Courtesy: Perry Stanfield

"In my opinion, it was an exceptional expression of the beauty intended by the composers and I thank you so much for creating this experience for us listeners." "I look forward to hearing future Bellingham Chamber Chorale concerts!"

Bellingham Chamber Chorale
Image Courtesy: Perry Stanfield

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