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Singer Spotlight: Katherine Schonborn

It is a delight to introduce our spotlighted singer this week: Katherine Schonborn! She joined us last year as an alto and has been a great asset to our choir.

Katherine is originally from Burley, Idaho but moved to Ferndale with her family in 2002. She was married to her high school sweetheart, Ful (who also sings with BCC! Read his bio here.) this summer and they now make their home in Bellingham. They have have two guinea pigs, Franz Balogna and Figaro Beans.

Piano lessons is where Katherine learned to love music in Kindergarten. She discovered her love of singing in middle school and participated in choir and musical theater after that. During voice lessons in middle school and high school, she discovered her love of classical music and went on to obtain a degree in Vocal Performance. She also credits her grandmother with inspiring her to be a musician. "She was a dancer, and taught me the importance of music early on. I would not be a performer without her!"

Katherine is now a paraeducator and has a voice studio where she teaches lessons. She and Ful also run a local youth choir.

Some fun facts about Katherine: she plays the piano, is learning to knit, loves to read, would love to travel to Italy, and is always looking for opportunities to perform! Her favorite band is The Killers and she also listens to a lot of opera.

Of Bellingham Chamber Chorale and choral music, she says, "I love being apart of a choir where everyone is there because of our shared love for the music, and where there is such a high level of artistry across the board. Music has given me a way to feel and express emotion more deeply and honestly. As cheesy we it sounds, it's a part of who I am!"

As you can see, a welcome new face in our community of passionate musicians! Thank you, Katherine!

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