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Singer Spotlight: Olivia Brice

We are thankful that we are able to revive our Singer Spotlights as we start up again this year! Rehearsals for our next performance are underway and we are overjoyed to be back together, creating music.

Today's spotlight will introduce you to one of our newest members,

Olivia Brice! Olivia is a recent graduate of Ithaca College and studied under Elisabeth Marshall and Rachel Schutz. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music and an outside field in theatre. Olivia recently performed in the Ithaca College Main-stage production of “The Magic Flute” as Pamina. At Ithaca College, she was a part of the music school choral program as well as the college's Show Choir Club.

Olivia is an alumni of Bellingham High School and was a part of their choral program. She studied under Heather Dudenbostel during her time in Bellingham and also performed in Western's Summer Theatre Program in 2016.

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