Water Drops

Dr. Patrick Roulet
Chair of WWU’s Music Department

“Every element of the “I Am Love” concert was absolutely stunning from the diverse balance of repertoire to the beautifully blended voices and the magnificent acoustics of Assumption Catholic Church. I found myself closing my eyes to take in the sound. It was therapeutic to hear the beauty of the human voice after so many months without live music.
I was privileged enough to catch the choir warming up before the concert and to hear Dr. Mabalot guide the soloists and choir through specific demonstrations of vocal timbre. As a director, his concept of sound, knowledge of the human voice and attention to detail enabled the talented voices to blend and soar through the performance.
It was a powerful experience to be surrounded by voices singing together so beautifully. I am very grateful to you (Dr. Mabalot) and to the choir for giving our community such an uplifting evening of music.” -Dr. Patrick Roulet



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